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Burris riflescopes have long-range sight capability to give you a tactical advantage.

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Riflescopes are like dates: good ones don’t come cheap. Riflescopes come in different shaping, polishing, and coating clear, distortion-free lenses takes time and different levels of precise equipment. Riflescopes springs, machining the gears, tubes, and lens mounts that comprise the guts of hunting scopes. Riflescopes assembled the riflescope package in a slim, three-dimensional packaging that is water and shock resistant.

Riflescopes or hunting scopes are used in large and small game hunting. It does not take large bulky riflescopes to be able to see your target clearly.
Most riflescopes, especially in America have main tubes that are one inch in diameter. That means that they use one inch rings. Some riflescopes have thirty millimeter main tubes. There are several main types of riflescopes bases that are used to connect the rings to your firearm. You need to know what kind of base you have for your riflescopes to find out the exact type of the one inch or thirty millimeter rings you will use for your specific scope.